IAW Guelph 2012

“Why We Call It Apartheid” and “Dark Hope: the Resistance to War and Ethnic Cleansing in Israel/Palestine”

2 Speakers on Palestinian Human Rights

Wednesday March 7th, 2012 – Mackinnon 311 – 5:30pm

Greg Shupak is a Sessional Lecturer in the University of Guelph’s School ofEnglish and Theatre Studies.  His literary fiction and his journalism have been widely published and for years he has worked as an activist on issues such as Palestinian human rights, labour, the rights of migrant workers in Canada, and campus corporatization.  Greg’s talk, “Why We Call it Apartheid,” will provide a detailed account of why Israel is an apartheid state.

Michael Keefer, who taught at the University of Guelph for more than twenty years, is Professor Emeritus in the School of English and Theatre Studies.  A winner of the Renaissance Society of America’s Nelson Prize, he served as President of the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English, and as chair of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s research grant adjudication committee on Literature.  His most
recent book, ‘Antisemitism Real and Imagined: Responses to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism’ (2010), was praised by the Globe and Mail as “timely” and “indispensable.” Professor Keefer’s talk, “‘Dark Hope’: The Resistance to War and Ethnic Cleansing in Israel/Palestine,” looks at the role that universities can play in supporting Palestinian rights, at the disappearance of democracy in Israel, and will argue that the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign offers a humane, rational, and peaceful approach to solving the conflict.


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